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Site updated on 15 Feb 2019

Prince of Wales are Champions!!

Dyers Arms B are runners up

Balle Haye Tav A are Champions of Div2!!

Div 2 runners up spot is still to be decided


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The Leek and District Domino League was set up over thirty years ago by the present Chairman - (Mad) Melvin Goldstraw. Whilst Melvin may well have been mad to look after this organisation for so many years his nickname comes from his other long term hobby as a disc jockey.

All games are run on a Thursday night during the winter months starting at 8-30 pm. Each team is made up of at least 6 players and an evenings play consists of 3 games of doubles and 6 games of singles, so each player plays a doubles and a singles game. A point is awarded to each winner of a game and the team with the most points at the end of the evening is awarded an extra 2 points. The teams with the most points at the end of the season receive trophies. There are also individual trophies for those with the highest individual and pair scores.

The main aim of the league is to have a laugh with an element of honest competition.

If you would like to set up a team in your pub or club within a reasonable distance of Leek please CONTACT MELVIN on this link or phone 01538 300314.

Chairman:  Melvin Goldstraw  300314
Secretary:  Melvin Goldstraw  300314   
email. madmelvin@btinternet.com
Mobile: 07812899824         
Treasurer:     Bob Foster  300321
Webmaster:  Bob Foster  300321

Useful Telephone numbers

BALL HAYE TAVERN                             386951              
BENKS                                               382783                  
BLUE MUGGE                                      384450                
BOAT INN                                          360683              
DYERS ARMS                                      382321             
HOLLY BUSH                               01782 244864    
KNOT INN                                          01260 226238
MILL STREET CLUB                              383093   
PRINCE OF WALES                              384758
WELLINGTON                               07720253208    
ROCK INN    (MELVIN)                         300314   
RED LION   Waterfall                           308279